A Call To Charge: Female Athletes Stop Playing Lacrosse.

This is a call to charge for all female athletes: Stop. Playing. Lacrosse.

I don’t mean stop playing forever. I mean stop playing until the rule changes allow women to actually play the sport of lacrosse as it’s meant to be played.

Men’s lacrosse is one of my favorite sports – it’s aggressive, it’s fast-paced, it’s like watching a badass hybrid of basketball and hockey with sticks only it’s better than hockey because you can hit people with the sticks.

Not in women’s lacrosse, though, and it pisses me off.

The first modern women’s lacrosse game was played in 1890, so I can kind of understand the mentality of “hey, women are delicate creatures who shouldn’t hit each other.” It’s somewhat along the lines of when women’s basketball became a thing and stealing the ball was too “masculine” so there were no defenders and no one to block shots.

Here’s the difference, though: women’s basketball got a fucking clue over the last 125 years. Women’s lacrosse has not.

So I call for a boycott until women’s lacrosse catches up to women’s hockey and realizes oh hey, women can and want to hit each other. Because they’re athletes.

Give them pads and helmets and let them play. Because they can.