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The Ultimate Gaming Bed – Stay Corona Free and Never leave your house Again

Bauhutte’s ‘ultimate gaming bed’ starts at $600 and can sell for more than $1,100…….you maybe wondering what a gaming bed is….simply put it’s a bed that has up to 2 screens keyboard and  mouse attachments various snack and energy drink stash spots it also has a attachments for your tablet so you can lay in…

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Swiss Town to be evacuated for a decade | Thousands of tons of explosives underground from World War 2

So during WW2 the geniuses in the swiss military thought despite all the mountains their dumb country has that are in the middle of nowhere  “lets store 3500 tonnes of ammunition and 700 tonnes of explosives in the mountain that’s directly next to Mitholz the folks in that town are a bunch of losers anyway”…

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