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2BADD cops Det. Chickakowski & Det. Kuzmar are back. This time they head down to the morgue to ID a body of that is the wife of one of Kooz’s old friends. Their motives are always misguided as they are going to the morgue not for police reasons but for personal reasons. Catching a glimpse…

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2 BAD COPS Shoot a guy over a BET

On Case #209 Det. Chickakowski (aka Chicky) and Det. Kuzmar (aka the Kooz) shake down a man to prove a point of who is right about a bet. The reckless abandon of these guys is at an all time high as they don’t care about who they piss off or what they do. No one…

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2BADD Case #941 (D.U.I’LL Take That)

MUST WATCH New COP Comedy (2BADD) Det. William Kuzmar (Kooz) and Det. Rick Chickakowsky (Chicky) are two crooked cops that are always working the game in their favor. On the Series Premier the boys pick up a man driving without a license and registration while possessing an open container. Don’t think for a second that…

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