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KIM KARDASHIAN looks FREE Another Man on DEATH ROW (Eddie Esposito)

Eddie Esposito has been a product of the Federal Prison system for the past 15 years. He was #FoundGuilty of 1st Degree Murder when he stabbed someone to death with a VHS Copy of City Slickers at a Blockbuster VIDEO. After a Dateline Feature on Eddie for his part in the last days of Whitey…

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EL CHAPO’S Roommate Eddie Esposito Tells All

#ElChapo the infamous #DrugLord that is known for his massive fortune, extensive woman, vast trafficking and amazing jail house escapes was arrested last year and extradited to the United States where he recently stood trail. Chapo #JoaquinGuzman was found guilty on 10 Federal Trafficking charges for Cocaine, Marijuana & Heroin. These US jails are going…

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