Breaking Balls Sign Wrestling Legends (The Chain Gang)

Story: Breaking Balls recently signed a 2 segment deal with Former wrestling tag-team champions “The Chain Gang”. The 2 segments will include a Chain Restaurant Challenge Show called “The Chain Gang: Chain Event” and a weekly wrap up show “Chain Chat”. The wrestling duo hasn’t seen each other since that fateful Fall day in 1999 at the Meadowlands arena where the tag-team disbanded after a catastrophic Live pay-per-view event

When rumors started bouncing around the office that we were working on a possible deal with “The Chain Gang” I popped a pre-teen excitement boner. (I had a full sweat pant stiffy when I went to Wrestlemania when I was 11..nothing gay…I was just excited) That’s when a million and one questions ran through my head. These guy’s haven’t seen each other in 18 years. Why now?

Their first segment “Chain Chat” is hosted by wrestling personality Will “The Thrill” Williamson and will feature unseen footage, promos and more, as well as review all of the action happening between Chain events. I honestly can’t imagine a teddy bear picnic between these two. Something tells me that Louie is still salty that Huey has possession of their father Dewie’s chain which Louie feels he’s entitled to.

“The Chain Gang: Chain Event” see’s Huey and Louie touring the country and pitting their food favorites against each other at chain restaurants. With both a Heavyweight Entree, and a Intercontinental Appetizer title on the line. This certainly looks like signs of the Competitive fighting and eating league that Huey was trying to get off the ground years ago.

Only time will tell what will happen from week to week, but know the resurgence of “ChainaMania” is upon us, and I for one couldn’t be more excited.