DATING TIPS: Red Flag Moving Relationship Too Fast

Have you only been out on one date with her and she’s already talking about a vacation or meeting her parents? Time to pull out the RED FLAG.

Dating Guru DANTE BARBOZA has been in every situation in the book and any time this one arises he makes sure to set an early boundary to keep things contained.

People always tell you that it’s important to plan for your future, but if you are doing it in the moment at the expense of the man it’s not going to work out the way you might hope. You have to live in the moment like Dante Barboza does. Take a deep breath, enjoy the time you have and see where it takes you.

Dante says the best thing to do is cut them off as soon as they get ahead of themselves. The more you can have them thinking they might not live to see another date the more they will make this one count.

Yet another piece of solid advice from the connector Dante Barboza.