Deadpool Needs to Stop Being Funny

I’m sitting here watching the latest Deadpool trailer where the premise is that Deadpool is pretending to be Bob Ross and makes several out-of-the-ordinary, and at times absurd, comments to draw out laughter from its audience. Great. Cool. Good Job.
Then, the trailer, OUT OF NOWHERE, shifts straight into action clips from the actual movie with guns and fighting and all that good shit we all love. Ok. Nice. Fine.
Then, once more, the trailer morphs back into Bob Ross jokes and weirdness. Ok, now I’m pissed.
The problem….and there is a big fucking problem….is that I feel like now, Marvel, you are just assuming I am a borderline mental simpleton who can’t understand the fact that you are just selling me on any angle possible to get me to stupidly laugh in awe and turn to my significant other in the theatre and say “Ooooo, I WANNA GO SEE THAT ONE!” while drool pours off my chin.
Fuck you.

Stop being funny. This is a fucking superhero movie. Thor: Ragnarok did a nice job of balancing humor and action and even that movie at times placated to the “simple” audience. I just don’t like these movies that try to pull from every emotional angle to score big box office draws. It’s insulting and I’M ONTO YOU MARVEL!!!!!

– Martin MacFly