Faulty Thinking: Why you have been Viewing Monday All Wrong

You’ve seen the memes with the girl burying her head in her hands with a large cup of coffee in front of her. “I hate Monday,” it reads in blatant negativity. You chuckle and hit the like button.
Not me. I unfollow that lazy piece of shit and go chase after my dreams.

What did Monday REALLY DO to you? We place blame on a day that represents going back to work, to the professions that YOU life-suckers chose. Last time I checked, we live in the free world where we are able to get up off our asses and try to invoke change with the little help we are given. That’s a gift. And you Monday-haters throw it away every week.
Monday Haters are excuse-makers. They are environment-blamers. 
“My job sucks.”
“I don’t get paid enough.”
“Can’t wait for the weekend.”
….Blow it out your ass.

Mondays are one-seventh of your life. And here you are just utterly shitting on it, week-after-week, in hopes the state lottery is going to back a dump truck full of cash to your doorstep.
You clearly haven’t earned a thing. This is why you hate Monday. You don’t hate the DAY. You hate Monday’s representation of your life.

So what are you going to do about it?

Like a few memes and contribute to the negativity while you sip on your Starbucks that you can’t afford?

In order to flip the script on Monday, we have to challenge the idea that this day is a premeditated throw-away day. Don’t go into the week with that negative attitude or the week will become a self-fulfilling prophecy of shit.

Set new expectations to start the week. Redefine your attitude. Look at the weekend as an unnecessary pause in your efforts to achieve your dreams. Sure, we all need time to decompress. But those moments don’t have to span a 48-hour consecutive period. Ever take a lap that lasts too long? It’s even harder to regain energy afterward because your body was too comfortable for too long. This is what happens to us during the weekend. We lose steam. And by the time Sunday night rolls around, the groans and grumbles about kicking into gear for Monday start up again.

The weekend is your enemy. You just never knew it until now.

Monday is awesome. It is the representation of everything you want out of your life. So if you are finding yourself to be the kind that is dreading the day, it’s time to make some adjustments before you become that excuse-making-environment-blamer.

-Martin MacFly-