Garrett Waylon’s Red Carpet Wrap Up

Although the temperature was a humid 80+ degrees on the red carpet, the stars brought their “A” game and their assistants brought their face blotting sheets! I’ve been watching these award shows since I can remember and consistently watch the pre-show red carpet on E News because they have the 360 glambot, mani red carpet (yes, it’s what you would expect…stars walk their fingers down a mini red carpet), among other things. Because the Emmys aren’t considered top billing, E News sends their “B” team to cover the event (e.g. Giuliana Ransic almost got fired from the network a few years ago because she accused Zendaya of smelling like pot and patchouli oil). That aside, it was an amazing red carpet with some swings, some misses, and some home runs!

Emmy Interesting Facts:

. Game of Thrones wasn’t eligible for this years Emmys (boo)
. 450 Original Scripted Shows on TV this year
. Netflix had 92 nominations (wasn’t it just a few years ago all you could get from Netflix was a scratched version of Robocop through the mail)?

Best Dressed:
Zoe Kravitz – Although the Hombre Effect isn’t for everyone, I feel like for her it totally worked. Dress courtesy of the House of Dior. She even dyed her hair from blonde to black to match her outfit…now that’s commitment!

Nicole Kidman in Calvin Klein by Appointment.. Too bad her co-star in Pretty Little Lies had to Rock a porn stash for the red carpet and talk like he’s from the Midwest (isn’t he Sweedish)? According to the Hollywood Reporter Alexander used $170 worth of skin care products for his Emmy preparation (perhaps his brother Bill who played Pennywise in “IT” provided him some skin care tips?)

Speaking of Calvin Klein, Milly Bobby Brown from Stranger Things Rocked a cool, age appropriate dress for the Emmys. Interestingly enough…she walked alone on the red carpet. Apparently she didn’t want to associate herself with her co-stars that raided Hugh Heffner’s closet. Although she’s only 13 years old (holy shit), she knew she would be on the best dressed list as long as the didn’t walk with those bunch of goonies!

Jessica Biel was bringing sexy back last night (without JT on her arm). Loved the multi-color dress (which looked stunning from both the front and back views). Now that’s what i call a milf!
Zac Posen is one of my favorite designers (and Project Runway judges) and he dressed some of the best dressed stars last night. Case in point, Viola Davis (who consistently hits it out of the park for her color and style choices) and Emmy Rosum brought on the old Hollywood glam in spades!

Ageless…that’s the word I use to describe LL Cool J. Is it me or does he wear the same tuxedo and Kangol at every awards show?

My Number One Pick for best dressed was Tara Shahidi from Blackish. She was completely flawless from head to toe including dress (courtesy of Prada), hair and makeup. She’s really been knocking it out of the park lately and this dress was everything!

Worst Dressed:
Deborah Messing in Romona Keveza…although I know she’s out there pounding the pavement to promote Will & Grace (I still don’t understand why it’s coming back…that ship has sailed people), apparently she’s still stuck in the time period when the original show was out. I know she’s a child of the 80’s and boy did she show it here…this dress is something between a bondage material and a prom dress gone wrong…queue the Pretty in Pink theme music!

Christmas came early on the red carpet for Dean Cole in his plaid tuxedo (doesn’t this guy have friends?)

Bring on the bumble bees! Titus Burgess brought his best bee impression on the red carpet. Honestly, the Fashion Police are going to have a field day with this one!
Uzo Aduba had a different set of crazy eyes staring out from the top of her dress during last night’s Emmys (you couldn’t see those Winabagos in the prison beige that’s for sure)!

Although Heidi Klum is a supermodel, she makes some questionable fashion choices on a consistent basis and almost always ends up on the worst dressed list. Last night was no exception. Although no one loves a red dress more than I do, this was too much…I didn’t know where to look…the ridiculous amount of bangles, those assclown earings, or the fact that her boobs were hanging out with no support. Come on Heidi…you can do better!

Although several ladies wore silver and sequence last night, unfortunately Anna Chlumsky (from Veep) missed the mark. Not only was it unflattering, I kept wondering when she was going to engage her jet pack and take off into space. I don’t know what it is with this woman but I think she needs to find another fashion consultant. BTW…is it me or does she look like Laura Ingles from Little House on the Prairie…just sayin!

Judith Light tried to have her Angelina Jolie moment with her black dress with the high slit (minus the red lip). Sorry Judith…Angelina is the only “Boss” in this outfit!

Well that’s it for now gang. Can’t wait for the Awards Season to get into full swing…see you on the next red carpet!

-Garrett Waylon-