High School Reunion’s Before The Internet

BEFORE THE INTERNET the High School Reunion was something we all looked forward to. It was a time to catch up with people you haven’t seen or heard from in 20 years. From the kid that got beat up and stuffed in lockers and is now an real estate mogul and is married to a model to the high school quarterback that is addicted to drugs and on his third marriage. It was always a surprise and you never knew what you were getting into.

Back in the day our lives were our own. We wanted to attend these functions to see how the great have fallen. It was an ego boost for any person that wasn’t in the cool crowd.

Now in the Facebook age none of this is possible. We can’t go into a High School Reunion blind even if we tried. These days we know every detail about every person you don’t give a shit about. The age of innocense is gone. We now all have a front row seat to your craft beer favorites and every meal you eat and every shit that you take. Thanks alot Zuckerberg.