Rick Pitino Isn’t walking through that Door

It may take months or even years for the total impact of the FBI’s investigation into wide spread corruption throughout college basketball to be clear. But it took only hours after corruption and fraud schemes involving coaches at prominent programs were detailed by a U.S. Attorney on Tuesday for the immediate aftershocks to be felt.

Isn’t it the absolute worst when the negatives in your career outshine the positives. Pitino was recently inducted in the hall of fame with two Division 1 championships, as well as 7 Final Four American east titles. So what he greased a few recruits and had a side bar going with Adidas? Of course we all expect to see many more names on the list once the FBI get’s up in there, but good ole Rick has to take the brunt of it.

Now with Pitino back in the hot seat again, i just can’t help but think of the infamous Celtics rant that happened in 2000. The amount of shit he’s received from this over the years is incredible. I personally thought he had a valid point in the fact that his Celtics were a lot younger than the dynasty teams of the 80’s, But poor Rick got rag rolled by the media

A few yeas back a friend of ours Matt Farley of Modern Media http://moternmedia.com , wrote an amazing song that captures the magic of the Rick Pitino rant. So in honor of one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time getting canned, we bring you this special video.