Smooth Criminal – Man Gets 10 Surgeries to Look Like MICHAEL JACKSON

The King of Pop is one of the musics most revered artists. He started at a young age and had some of musics greatest hits from ABC to Thriller. But with success comes great responsibility as a role model. With multiple scandals and child related cases in some ways some of Michaels greatest triumphs have been tainted over time. But that doesn’t stop people from loving him for his incredible music. As they continue to download, stream and watch his videos online.

Michael also has a legion of fans that want to look and act like him. Leo Blanco 22, has been having surgeries for the past 7 years to try and look like the king of pop. With 11 surgeries under his belt the more he starts to look like Jackson the more his mother says she doesn’t even know who her son even is. He’s got the look, he’s got the moves but he’s losing his family. How old should you be before you start getting plastic surgery?

The King of Plastic.

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