Swiss Town to be evacuated for a decade | Thousands of tons of explosives underground from World War 2


So during WW2 the geniuses in the swiss military thought despite all the mountains their dumb country has that are in the middle of nowhere  “lets store 3500 tonnes of ammunition and 700 tonnes of explosives in the mountain that’s directly next to Mitholz the folks in that town are a bunch of losers anyway” Well that line of thinking ended in nine people dying in 1947 when roughly half the arsenal exploded ….I mean who could of saw that coming….Now 73 years later they finally figured they should do something about it problem is the ammunition and explosives are underground under a mountain so the removal could take up to a decade and require the whole town evacuated  at that point would any of the residents want to move back. Another option is to cover the explosives with rock but that just sounds like making geological shrapnel to me.



This story really intrigues me on a personal level see my last ex that “Kali Ma’ed”  my heart from my chest has family that lives in Switzerland she frequents for vacation often and something about the possibility that her family may loses there family home due to a mountain explosion just makes me feel like the universe loves me at least a little bit… I’m far from bitter and wish no ill will on anyone however if the universe see fit to blow up your small mountain town or make you lose your home for a decade who am I to not appreciate the cosmic gift.