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When Parasailing Goes Wrong

Parasailing can be a fun way to spend a beautiful day on the ocean with a loved one. But in some instances Parasailing can go wrong and when it does it goes really wrong. Captain Rick has been a commercial pilot for the past decade and being high is something he is everyday. Although he…

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Ovarian Cancer – Awkward Landings

Episode 3 of Awkward Landings takes us on another journey with wayward Pilot Captain Rick as he takes flight with Co Pilot Walter. Rick has a bad runny nose and suspects it could be the early stages of Ovarian Cancer because his mother had it and its hereditary. Once again Rick’s lack of awareness in…

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Awkward Landing (Ep. 2) SICK AUNT

Captain Rick is back behind the controls for a cross country flight with Co Pilot Marvin. As usual Rick mind is elsewhere as he navigates a 747 filled to the brim with passengers across the friendly skies.

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