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Bill Cosby PSA on Drinking Responsibly

#BillCosby has been through alot in his illustrious career. From the ultimate highs to the drastic lows he has seen it all. So its only right that he would be back with this powerful #PSA about #DrinkingResponsibly He’s seen what drinking unresponsively can do to your career and he wants to make sure others don’t…

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Bill Cosby was a SAVAGE | NO Periods on SET

On the Set of the #CosbyShow Bill had some ridiculous rules to keep on budget. In the 1980s everything was shot on Film not Digitally and it cost a fortune so he had to make sure that nothing was done to knock them off track. No one was a big fan of Vanessa and when…

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Bill Cosby Gets some Visitors in Jail

Bill Cosby has had a rough couple of years due to his love of drinking and drugging. Jail has been a little lonely but with friends coming to visit him have really help to lift his spirits. This week Mr. Cosby is visited by the cast of the Cosby’s in jail #jail #thecosbyshow #behindbars #billcosby #WineWednesday…

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