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Crazy Plane Ride filled with Dinosaurs almost crashes

This week on a brand new #AwkwardLandings Captain Rick and his co pilot discuss the in flight movie #JurassicPark Rick seems to believe every detail to be fact while his more competent co pilot thinks over wise. From the name of the novels writer to #ChaosTheory things get extremely heated as they debate somewhere over…

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When Parasailing Goes Wrong

Parasailing can be a fun way to spend a beautiful day on the ocean with a loved one. But in some instances Parasailing can go wrong and when it does it goes really wrong. Captain Rick has been a commercial pilot for the past decade and being high is something he is everyday. Although he…

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Awkward Landing (The Pilot) I WANT AN IGUANA

On the Debut Episode of Awkward Landing Captain Rick and his trusty Co Pilot take to the friendly skies on Eagle Air. The Captain has a real affinity for the lizard family and wants nothing more than to add one to his family. But sometimes things get complicated. Take Flight.

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