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Chain Gang (Ep. 8) Big Time Wrestling SPECIAL

WRESTLING SPECIAL : The Chain Gang (Huey & Louie Gazza) kick off their reunion tour as they get back to their roots. They go to a BIG TIME wrestling event, catch up with some old friends (Mankind & Animal) and sign some autographs for some rowdy CHAINIACS.

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The Chain Gang (Ep. 6) Bertucci Pre Fight Promos

Leading up to the Big Entree Battle at Bertucci’s next week, Huey & Louie doing their preflight PROMOs. Huey is still steaming about the ambush that left him for dead on the floor of a public bathroom while Louie is using his scathing beatdown as momentum to settle the score in Baton Rouge.

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The Chain Gang (Ep. 5) Bertucci’s Ambush

After a quick three count victory for Huey Gazza in Tuscaloosa, his brother Louie was not happy with the officiating. Now Louie decides to take things into his own hands to get the psychological advance going into their next bout, a Heavy Weight Entree Match at Bertucci’s. Although they looked to be close only a week ago…

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