The Sensitivity Parade Attempts To Trample Halloween

Needham,MassAn elementary school has decided to cancel Halloween events, saying the holiday is not inclusive and can be awkward for some children. The principal of Mitchell Elementary School in Needham announced the change Thursday in a letter to families. “For many years Mitchell has celebrated Halloween with class parties and a parade of students in costume. However, Halloween is a holiday that not all families celebrate and — for a variety of reasons — some Mitchell families keep their children home from school on that day,” Principal Gregory Bayse wrote, adding one teacher said there was “awkwardness planning a class celebration knowing that not all of her students would be able to participate.”

The thing about American holidays is that for the most part they’re a joke…(I’m looking at you Thanksgiving). Even if they essentially have deep routed meanings, the publicist for American holidays is a wacky guy. The major holidays have ridiculous mascots that totally make you forget the holiday was religious to begin with. I didn’t know that easter was about the resurrection of Jesus until I was older. I just thought it was about a goofy looking rabbit that would give you miniature chocolate versions of himself in little plastic eggs. I was thinking about finding the egg’s and eating all of the candy….not about a bloody Jesus coming back to drop his second album.

Religious holidays in other countries are another story all together…there’s no half naked Indian of jolly bearded man in a red suit….It’s all serious business…However Halloween in 2017 is basically “Kids dress up like super hero’s and princesses, and women dress like prostitutes day” Of Course there is a deeper meaning to it if you look past the candy and the costumes. I’ve been told that this day and age as a camp counselor that you’re technically not allowed to tell ghost stories because the concept of ghosts is frowned upon in most religions

Sometimes it’s about the destination and not the journey. Yeah American holidays have religious origins, but look at what they’ve become…As an adult most holidays are just excuses to get drunk and crazy or to get drunk and eat with friends and family. In an age where everything is so serious and people get offended if you say “god bless you” after they sneeze, we all deserve a day where we can put on a costume and not have to be ourselves.

I just don’t understand the concept of canceling it because a couple of kids don’t “celebrate” halloween parties at schools..? If you don’t want to dress up like Iron Man and eat Starbursts then don’t. If the parent believes that strongly about their kid being a wet blanket who’s allergic to fun then pull him out of school for the day. Halloween is just a fun activity and not a day of devil worship. We can’t change the rules of our culture for individuals. If you don’t like something or believe in something…don’t do it…don’t participate. You don’t melt all of the snow because you don’t want your child to sled.

As the pussification rate increases exponentially every day we have to remind ourselves that it wasn’t always this way. We need to stand up and say enough is enough. This generation of little pussy children that have backpacks with wheels and can’t even carry 15 pounds on their feeble backs are beyond pathetic. The sad truth about life is that sometimes there’s parts that aren’t the best, but sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut and move on. You can’t fix everything…and you CAN’T make everyone happy.