The Ultimate Gaming Bed – Stay Corona Free and Never leave your house Again

Bauhutte’s ‘ultimate gaming bed’ starts at $600 and can sell for more than $1,100…….you maybe wondering what a gaming bed is….simply put it’s a bed that has up to 2 screens keyboard and  mouse attachments various snack and energy drink stash spots it also has a attachments for your tablet so you can lay in bed and crank one out handsfree


Well let me start by saying most of my favorite people play a lot of video games and I don't  judge or hate on them I used to play them a lot myself...Shit nowadays I read up to $60 dollars’ worth of comic books in a week we all have our nerdy vices....Now all that said if any of those people purchase one of these bed understand I’m turning into Judge Dredd I will not only judge I’ll be the jury and the executioner.... I will simultaneously piss on it while setting it on fire and I’ll be doing all this on my soapbox while I scream positive uplifting messages to my loved one about how they are better than that and not nearly retarded enough to require a bed primed to give you the Diabetes... shit I was convinced the bed was made by China in an effort to weaken and kill us...You know like how they're sending all that fentanyl here ....but nope it’s from Japan I love Japan I started to wonder why would they be creating a device whose sole purpose is to weaken the human body erode the mind and pretty much prep you into becoming one of those tube people from the Matrix....then I remembered  Hiroshima and Nagasaki I mean that has to be it not a single soul who is pro-human and has the slightest knowledge about physiology, psychology and generally human needs could even remotely consider this anything but a step backwards for human empowerment....The killer robots are coming people at the very least don't make it as easy as shooting fish in a barrel you are better than that despite what your mind says



All that said to each his own if you feel your life would improve by purchasing one of these beds by all means do so.....your achievements, trophy’s and gamer score  will all will your cholesterol


-- Evan Luongo