TOP 13 HOCKEY FIGHTERS (Debate It) – The Countdown

This week on the Countdown, Machine Gun Mike Schena tackles the top 13 Hockey Fighters of all Time. The Goons, the enforcers, the Bodyguards, Mike gets down and dirty on his latest Top 13 list. From legendary scorers like Gordie Howe all the way down 5 foot six Stan Johnathan this is a can’t miss list.

The art of fighting in Hockey is something that is looked down upon in the current sport but when men were men and hockey was hockey these were the best to do it. From protecting your captain to setting the tone in a big game sometimes the gloves needed to be thrown in order to win a big game. Fights were just as much a part of hockey as elite goal scoring. As it let the other team know you weren’t taking their shit and that they couldn’t get away with anything.

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