Traveler selfishly takes two seats at the Airport

A young woman was captured on camera impersonating an ottoman at a crowded airport terminal.  In a protest of manners, this poor-cultured ground beast somehow made napping seem aggressive.  This classless chud, planked her poorly dressed body across two open seats and an aisle.  This woman was sleeping in a high traffic area of the airport with a giant over-sized bag blocking her giant over-sized face.  I assume her head must weigh enough to warrant resting it in the middle of foot-traffic. What is this behavior, how did Rip Van Winkle get past security checks?  Is she fucking the guy who vacuums Logan?  Where does one learn this type of behavior?  Her parents were probably thrown out of the circus for being too low class.  The only other option is that this woman was raised by living room furniture.  Maybe this is her kink?  She’s waiting for a 60-something year old guy to crack a Yuengling, turn on the ball game, and rest his feet on the misshapen, sterile camel hump that she calls a belly.

This type of behavior has become so common that it started sites like, "Travel Creep" where people are encouraged to capture and upload their bad experiences in order to shame those who caused them.  One such incident involved a woman flopping her long pony tail over the headrest of her seat.  This blocked the view screen of the passenger behind her while potentially spilling lice all over his in-flight meal.  How can you get through to these people?  Savage behavior warrants savage response.  We need to speak the same language of disrespect, in order for them to understand the merits of our anger.  What I'm saying is if a person acts like an ottoman, put your feet on them.  If someone violates your personal space with their hair...put a wad of Big League Chew in it.  They won't stop being horrible people for the right reasons.  That will never happen.  Stopping the behavior is enough for me.  For example I'm writing this blog entry on the back of a man who stopped to tie his shoes in front of the escalator.


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We are all at the mercy of the horrible few.  Every flight is statistically guaranteed to have an asshole on it.  Leg-room, fart-free air, and privacy are no longer on the table and some god-less fuck is clipping his nails next to you.  Don't expect a return to the style and grace of old.  Accept acceptance, and when you get off the flight, report that guy to TSA for some terrorist shit.