WELL ENDOWED Universities – I’m Offended

Any of you that went to college knows that once we get out you are buried under a tremendous amount of debt.  This is the type of debt that sets you back from buying a new home and takes 20 years to pay off. These well endowed universities are looking take advantage of the students that pay their bills everyday.

Now after charging you in the excess of $35K a year for four years, their first order of business is to put you on a mailing list so they can start to solicit donations back to the same school that put you in debt in the first place. Something is off here.

Let’s face it the best thing we learned in college was social skills, drinking tolerance and sex positions. The actual classroom that put us in the debt is barely anything we use in our day to day life.

These colleges and universities are so well endowed but they want more. On I’m offended this week we are looking to put an end to that.