When will it end? (iPhone X)

The iPhone X is a sensational-looking iPhone – but it obviously comes at a huge cost, and you’ll have to wait to get it. Question marks remain over Face ID as a way of unlocking the phone, but if your face truly does get ‘learned’ over time, it could work well.

Source http://www.techradar.com/reviews/iphone-x

I’m gonna try to keep this as simple as possible by avoiding tech tangents. Paying $1000 for a new phone is fucking insane. The wireless carriers have such a cool Fonzi way of making you feel like you robbed the place on the way out the door, When in actuality you’re getting slowly bent over a barrel. I mean it makes sense finance a phone over 4 years even though it will be obsolete in 2 right?

So You’re a thriving member of the apple cult (It’s a cult and you know it) What are the new features? A nicer screen! “Thank god the display on an iPhone 7 is starting to look like a Nokia 3310 to me” Ok Definitely need that…What else? A new operating system that’s intuitive and easy to use. Isn’t that just supposed to be a part of the package..? So for the regular $700 phone they don’t give a fuck how it functions but now because you have an extra $300 to spend on top of that then we’ll throw you a bone? Alright sounds flimsy but what else do we got. Enhanced picture lighting……We all know iPhone takes some of the prettiest pictures a phone can take, but how much better quality do you need? iPhone 7 already shoots 63 megapixel photo’s. How much better do you need that food pic to look?

Now the hot technology issue every conspiracy theorist is dying to wrap their throats around…..Face ID. There is no doubt in my mind that Westworld will happen. Chances are your great grandson is gonna lose his virginity to a fembot named “Paula”. A few years ago the big thing was the “Back to the future 2” fingerprint ID conversation. Do you really want apple to have ALL of your information…? People bitched…but for the most part they continued to drink the Kool-Aid. I see the same thing happening with Face ID. “I love it becase i can open my phone if my hands are wet”. So because you’re too lazy to grab a fucking towel now these faceless androids of the future have a name…and a face…and a history…?

It’s all just so sketchy….Why does the phone have to do a retinal scan so i can watch porn and check my email? We are flying too close to the sun with iphone wings, but when will it end? When will we decide that what we have is good enough? When will we stop paying shit tons of money for small upgrades? Not in our lifetime. Unless someone decides to go full Tyler Durdun and blow up the Headquarters of every Smartphone manufacturer, taking us back to the 90’s. Ahh one can dream.