The Women’s Movement – Old People Friday

This week on Old People Friday we sit down with Joanna Reardon in the middle of an Nor’Easter in Nahant, Massachusetts to talk about her contribution to the Women’s Movement. We talk about her job at the phone company, where she rose through the ranks in a time when not a lot of women were doing that.

Starting in a the 1960s, 70’s and 80’s women held smaller positions than men and when they did move up the ranks they were not paid the same way as men like they should. Joanna held a great job for the phone company that was formerly Nynex and she said when she held a position equal to a man she spoke her mind in a time it was frowned upon in order to get paid what she deserved.

Its the contributions of women like Joanna that has lead to the current paradigm shift in equal pay in all industries. Without women like Mrs. Reardon over the years we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks Joanna you truly are a trailblazer.