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Big Arms, Big Watch, Big Life (Teaser)

Richard Flushing is here to show you about the finer things in life. On his segment Big Arms, Big Watch, Big Life he will take you on a tour off the beaten path to show you the finest foods, most extravagant watches and most secluded destinations for your next adventure.        

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Let's Connect

Let’s Connect (Teaser)

(Teaser) Dante Barboza is an international playboy that has been on over 3,000 dates. He has now decided to take his wealth of knowledge and experiences and bestow it upon men looking to secure dates and connections with women across the world. You can’t find the right one, no problem. Dante’s got your back.  …

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I Love Monday

I Love Monday (Song)

Monday is the best day of the week. If you don’t think so, you’re probably a baby that bitches about everything. Stop being a baby, get up and make something happen. Monday!    

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Madman Sports (Intro)

(The Introduction) Meet Crusty Hamilton. He may not be the most politically correct and he most likely doesn’t like your favorite Quarterback, but he isn’t afraid to tell you about it. This is the introduction to his web series “Madman Sports”. Some people think he’s mad, others say he’s crazy.  He just says go F*ck yourself!  …

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Old People Fridays (Song)

(THEME SONG) Every Friday we will be sitting down with senior citizens over the age of 80, as they reminisces about the good old days. This is a great time for us to appreciate the path they have laid for us and get a grasp on on how things used to be.   .

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