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Old People Friday (Ep. 13) Life & Love w/ Pepi

This week we sit down with East Boston’s own Pepi Bolognese. He runs us through how he got his nickname and gets into a story about he met his late wife, their first date and how she battled courageously with ALS. Pepi is a great soul that can light up the room, we had a…

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Old People Fridays (Ep. 12) Feeling Lucky?

This week we catch up with Vietnam War Vet “Lucky”. Lucky has been thru it all, from being exposed to Agent Orange, taking in the Philippines finest whore houses to having an infamous run in with his X-wife’s lover. Lucky shoots from the hip and really doesn’t care what you think. Just the way we…

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Old People Fridays (Ep. 11) The Twins

This week on Old People Friday, Carlo catches up with 82 year old twins Jane and June. Although both women took completely different paths in life, they still love the company of each other to this day. There is no bond like that of twins and it shows.

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Old People Friday (Ep. 10) Talking Life with Leo

We catch up with old friend Leo this week on Old People Friday as we run the gamut from his Prostate and Drinking to needing tweezers to take a piss. Leo is a one of a kind character and we look forward to every moment we get with him. Listen to what they say, because…

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Old People Fridays (Ep. 8) Broadway Marie

This week we sit down with 80 year old firecracker Marie Clarke. Marie has seen a lot and done a lot over the years. We get into one particular story when she was running with a crew that worked for the Boston Patriots in the 1960’s and how she acquired the nickname, Joe Namath’s girl.…

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